My blog to Prime Minister starts here. First of all I want to say hello to Mr. Prime Minister and Namastey to you and your entire cabinet! I am proud of you as a global leader and your skills to influence world leaders and a global audience. I am curious and quite worried about the environment and the rapidly increasing population. Here I’m enlisting my points and proposals for a better living:
Let’s talk about population first. A 130cr ++ population? The place I am living now is so densely populated today, 20 years ago it was like a jungle and today it is a concrete jungle. There must be some laws to control this monstrous population.
As humans are now controlling jungles, the habitat of jungle animals is vastly disturbed. Humans vs Tiger/Elephants/bibatya/ clashes are increasing day by day. Even in cities like Mumbai, at night it is quite dangerous to roam outside house as animals attacking humans.
I’m worried about the population of stray dogs as well. Stray dogs nearby a mutton/chicken shop are a real threat to humans as they are attacking 1-2 yr old crawling children and attacking in groups, very horrifying news in media. This is in fact a reality. Do we have lost our emotions and or there is no value of life in our nation? Time to seriously think!
My question to Mr. Prime Minister is where is tax payers’ money going? I read/watch news everyday and what we see, accidents happening at railway 🚄 platforms in an effort to get on the train! Recently we lost life of a young Marathi actor! Thought leaders like Mr. Raj Thackeray taking some good initiatives and encouraging people’s active participation for the betterment of lives and in return they get called as MNS goons? This is where some people are doing politics instead of making the most of what best “we” as sincere citizens can do for our nation. The Railway officers are either sitting idle or they have work pressure, someone must address the incapability of top railway officials. Many times I also travel through trains but I hate it as I hate the gutter-like smells at any railway station, and our leaders are thinking of making Mumbai as Shanghai.
With the increasing jungle of concrete homes, I have a doubt about the available soil and land for farming and related activities. Soil must be saved. Some would ask is this a fictional writing? I am worried about the available soil. Farmers lands are getting NOC plot clearance from the Grampanchayat authorities and at farm lands concrete jungle is being made. In many parts of Maharashtra I see is fertile lands, where nothing is being done, then why acquire the lands from where some good agriculture produce our farmers are yielding.  This is in particular happening in Konkan and Paschim Maharashtra (Western Maharashtra).
I have a suggestion to my Prime Minister to acquire farms and employ farmers as government agents/employees/farmers. This way we can control what produce is being suggested from the agricultural universities and what the market demands are! This could have another relief from Farmer debts as the Government would actually control everything.
About our Forest/Environment department: Can the government answer why is the temperature levels are increasing day by day, when we have a special Forest/Environmental departments. Where is tax payers’ money going now? India is growing and the industry as well, while our forests are diminishing. This must stop! No proper action is being taken either from the authorities or there is shortage of funds. Why we cannot maintain our forests for god’s sake! Today in my area, I could hardly see sparrow /chimnya/chiutai. Birds are dying without water and 130 Cr population have no idea that we’re the real reason to disturb their habitat. We can do better to save our birds and trees. When in schools we had a lesson about Mr. Salim Ali (bird enthusiast). My government needs to take more initiatives to save the environment.