#QuitIndia my #SankalpSeSiddhi pledge for a new India is to plant more trees, keep water and food for thirsty/hungry birds and sparrows, never burn plastic/dry waste in open, instead handle the dry wastes to ghanta Gaadi, when going for a walk taking 2 bottles of water with me, so that I can water at least trees/plants everyday, I’m very much enthusiastic towards our nature and I love Konkan and I love my India Anuj Basant Communications


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My Sankalp Se Siddhi is food for all, I’m proud of Gautam Gambhir Foundation and so my Sankalp is also alike, establishing a center where anyone can get free food and water. Back in the 90’s when Yuti Sarkar, the Government of Maharashtra had announced the Rs.1 Zunaka Bhakar centers, it was like a boon for many. I have read a lot of stories of Steve Jobs how he used to visit the Shri Krisha Mission ISKCON in the USA. I wish the Government takes initiatives and makes something constructive towards this.

Today, everyone is suffering from pollution, my Sankal Se Siddhi is TOTAL BAN on burning of solid wastes, we are blindly copying the western trends, this needs to be stopped. Burning of solid wastes in open, should be banned by laws and instead a project should be established to reuse and recycle. The burning of plastic waste material causes severe pollution.

What we do at the hillstation of Parvati is, several visitors travel to Paravti tekadi in Pune and it’s so long steps to walk to the top of the Parvati it is very difficult for one climb the upstairs. So the locals decided to water trees whenever going for a morning/evening walk at Parvati. Even one bottle of water can make a difference, at Parvati we have put two buckets with plastic water bottles and the locals have been suggested to carry a bottle and fill it at the water tank on Parvati and water the trees, this way we can revive the greenery of the Tekadi and make it beautiful again.

#SaveSparrows is the hashtag that we use on twitter and it is really severe situation for the birds to survive in this era of electromagnetic radiations. The mobile towers are not safe for the health of birds, even for human lives, many news on TV/print and digital media as well. In summer many birds die without water and we should take care of sparrows and other birds. To save sparrows we can place water pots in the grounds/beneath the trees or at the window or balcony of our houses. We can spread food grains for the hungry birds. Birds are integral part of our ecosystem and we must save them. Many birds migrate from the Siberia to Jaipur Rajasthan in search of water. And almost the same situation is everywhere. Nowadays I hardly see birds flying show in the sky. These so many tall towers are a danger to the ecosystem of birds. Our government must research on the present condition of birds. When I was in schools, we had a lesson on Dr. Salim Ali, I still remember that lesson, he was a birds researcher and did a great job in research on birds. At Parvati, we have developed shelter homes for birds, and you can even order them from online shopping sites. The only thing we are facing is that of public awareness. Installing shelter for birds on walls of your buildings is one thing we’ll can do. We must install shelter for birds.

We Need to Increase Consumption of Agriculture Produce. This will help Better health of Children and Citizens. Take example of a Burger in the picture. Why not it is available AS SEEN IN THE PICTURE. This is where we compromise. Pl note, The INPUT COST of Agriculture Produce in Burger IS LESS THAN TAX ON IT.

Affordable housing for lower class and middle class is necessity. Housing Clusters Adjacent to City with School, Market and may be Metro will help.

Vacant Properties like house, flat, shop, offices are National Wealth going Un-utilized. TAX these to encourage them to Let. Additional Income for Govt and place availability are benefits.

Do not Stress on Hindi in States. We all Love Hindi. But Let Students learn in Local language to Understand Culture and Variety of India Better. Also they can opt for Sanskrit. Plus concentrate on English.

Policy for Product and Manufacturing is Needed, To give boost to JOBS Creation. To compete, Say with China, IT is Important to Identify Key Products That will help grow Manufacturing and the Industry.

Stop Imports & Start Manufacturing Bicycles in a BIG way….Look at Bicycles as Transportation. So the Perception will change. Industry will develop a lot, Since Bicycle is Basic of Manufacturing. Engineers will learn about Shock Absorbers, Hydraulic Brakes, Gears, Motors, Batteries Technologies and more importantly Flexible and enormous Design learned. Going Electrical is also the Future for India and the World.

Giving 10, 20 Rupees too a Traffic Police is not what is Corruption….It is Much more Than That. Unfortunately It is being PLANNED in a YOJANA or while giving Benefits to the Poor, As well as during Implementation. Corruption is where the Needful People are Deprived. So Please Stop Somebody Becoming a Mafia with Help of Police and Politics, That the Mafia will Ultimately takes on People’s Lives.

Giving Instant Punishment, Whatever It May be IS A MUST, If We Sincerely Wish to Take The Nation FORWARD. Otherwise it will be TOO LATE. Things are already going out of Proportion. PL.

Do Not Allow Piece of Land taken for Future Development or Investment Be kept Idle… Atleast Crops Like Maize and Jawar For FODDER be Made Compulsory to Grow our Cattle numbers Important for Organic Farm Produce.