Tata Value Homes has time and again approached people and communities with initiatives aimed to improve awareness on environmental issues. On the occasion of World Environment Day, Tata Value Homes urges users to get in touch with nature again. It educates how nature gives us everything for free – and why we should put it at the heart of everyday life.

Tata Value Homes efforts towards a the environment is great in the sense that it addresses ‘the root concern’!


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Tragedy is– we have lost connect with nature. As a consequence we abuse nature, drive species to extinction, and destroy ecosystems and habitats without much thought.

The initiatives by Tata Value Homes call for a paradigm shift! It hits consciousness and propels one to explore ways to rekindle the romance with nature. For instance, if your front garden is paved and concreted over, you could break it up and allow wild flowers to flourish, which in turn would help the bees. Be part of the movement- take a baby step –go for a walk