LG V20 is now available in India. Android Nougat on the LG V20 has everything you need to get pumped up. The wait for a superior audio phone finally comes to an end with #LGV20 Smartphone!

Truly, Next-level audio recording:

Here’s a short behind-the-scenes with Joseph Gordon -Levitt and the spectacular #LGV20! ✔ See how YOU can tell the wider story with the V20:

Yes guys, No need to dance around it, the #LGV20 with Steady Record 2.0 takes smooth video.

Also, the LG V20 with Steady Record 2.0 lets you record smooth videos, even when you’re on the fly.

Easy to record crisp, clear content—even when you’re on the move. Get sharp, smooth video with the LGV20 Steady Record 2.0

The #LGV20 will capture everything you see and hear, and play it back with outstanding quality. Gotta look good for game day! Get the whole team in one pic with LG V20 featuring Wide Angle Auto Shot Selfies

This is major. The LG V20 with HD Audio Recorder captures higher quality sound via 3 AOP mics.

Agree or not, this is magic. I love it. Changing colors on the fly.

With its wide angle front camera, get more in, leaving nothing out. Getting the perfect group selfie is now much easier with the LGV20

I liked its camera. Great pictures, great quality, all thanks to its wide angle camera lens. It captures beautiful pictures. Below are some great pictures, I found on the internet, especially on Twitter. Take a look, you’ll love it.

LG V20 comes with 120 degree wide angle selfie camera.
Food. Wide angle works well on everything.

Users posted photos with their brand new LG V20 phone and they’re really impressed by its great picture perfect selfies.
Here’s the proof:

The LGV20 survives shocks, even if it gets dropped from anywhere, any height, it has a removable back and battery which helps absorb the shock. Photos taken as if taken from a DSLR. This is interesting.

Here’s another example of great clicks from photos taken with the wide angle camera of LG V20.

Moving on up to a 5.7” Quad HD Display! #LGV20 stars Wide Angle Lens camera.

This girl is happy with her brand new LG V20.

Look at this picture. This is incredible. Totally professional.

This is amazing, isn’t it. This is really pretty awesome smartphone.

I love its camera, I’m impressed by this post on the internet.

What a beauty, beautiful picture!

Can you believe this photo is taken from a mobile camera? #LGV20 HDR wide angle to the sun! 😍😍

Looks like people around the world are proud of pictures captured from their LG V20 smartphone.

Its camera is even better, it’s an upgraded experience. Love these great pictures.

How do they do that, huhh? I mean, really? Oh god, she has not even applied any kinda filter, when she posted this photo.
Unbelievable stuff.

Look at this, it’s true, unreal quality.

This means that, Whether you’re indoors, outdoors or in low light,
the V20 utilizes technologies to capture every moment of fun. Keep your memories vivid with the #LGV20 Steady Record 2.0. Play more with the V20

The #LGV20 comes with B&O Play headset within the box.

Some of the features of this smartphone are:

It comes with HD 1440p display topped with Corning Gorilla Glass 4

Hi-Fi Quad DAC gives sound clarity like never before.

It has passed drop test certification from USA.

It comes with 1.6GHz quad-core Qualcomm MSM8996 Snapdragon 820 processor.

It has a resolution of 1440 pixels by 2560 pixels.

It is made of aluminium and has a removable battery that disperses shocks due to accidental drops.

SD 820, 4GB RAM 5.7 inch QHD display, Android 7,16 MP dual camera, Hi-fi Quad DAC.

LGV20, smartphone with B&O play! It will surely change the way you listen to music with its great audio experience.

This video on Twitter covers the best features of #LGV20. The best of 2016, from the #LGG5 to the #LGV20, to all the moments that brought us together. Happy holidays. LG G5, LG Stylo 2, LG Tone Active+, LG Tone Platinum, LG GPad X II 10.1, LG Rolly Wireless Bluetooth® Keyboard™ 2 . All features from snap, print, photo, pocket photo, film, here comes LG V20. LG Sound 360, amazing, isn’t it. “Together for a better life”.

And not the least, check this out, some happy moments, DJ Shanaya, one happy girl, with her brand new #LGV20 smartphone.  

You can buy #LGV20 from Amazon.in from this link: http://www.amazon.in/LG-LGH990DS-V20-Silver/dp/B01MZXEACC 

Check here all the latest updates from LG on their website: http://www.lg.com/in/v20