Thanks to TerraChips for sending me the box of joy. I received three flavors of Terra Chips: Original Sea Salt, Blues Sea Salt and Mediterranean Herbs & a hint of lemon. These flavors are just super awesome. It has a unique taste, it’s made from exotic vegetables.


img_20161107_094905Left: Mediterranean Herbs & a hint of lemon, Middle: Original Sea Salt,

Right: Blues Sea Salt

Original Sea Salt has various ingredients. It’s very tasty. It has a great taste. These chips are made from using exotic vegetables like Taro, Sweet Potato, Batata, Parsnip, Yuca, Ruby dipped vegetables. Among the above, till now, I knew only about Batata as it’s a Marathi word for potato. Taro is also known as Malanga and Dasheen. Parsnip is more like MULA in Maharashtra, a carrot like in looks, white colored and it’s hot and spicy. In Pandharpur and Pune and several other parts of Maharashtra people serve Mulyachi Bhaji as prominent dish in Maharashtrian Thali. Yuca (Cassava) is the lightest of color of the Terra Chips. Yuca is pale yellow-whitish in color. Overall it’s a seasonal mix of root vegetables. The chips are made from Sea salt and beet juice, giving it the color. Delicious combination of unique and diverse root vegetables.

‘Mediterranean’ Terra chips also uses the same ingredients as Original Terra chips. It has more tastes like herbs and also as its name says it has a crazy and unique flavor of lemon.

The Blues flavor has naturally blue potato as the main ingredient. It is vibrant bluish-purple in color. It tastes little bit alike the nuts. Love its color. Pure Purple! Very sophisticated taste.

Look at the great purple color of Terra Veg Chips, Blues. Very crispy, quite hard, great in taste, it has more like the taste of potato chips with salt (call it sea salt/ rock salt).

The Terra Veg Chips, Original has a great taste. It’s very delicate, very thin and it’s very light as well. Loved its taste. Beautiful color. Yellow, red, and those strips on white chips. Oh my god! Great combination of colors. It’s very delicious, crispy, delicate and it’s beautiful. The greyish brown lines on the chips give it a rich look, like the kesar in the milk.

The Terra Veg Chips, Mediterranean’s taste is heavenly. It’s just mingles in the mouth. This variety has the same colors and looks like the Original variety. The uniqueness of this variety is it’s lemon flavor. It adds so chilling experience when you taste it. It’s so mouthwatering chips. Loved these. Now they’re my favorite chips. Thank you Terra Chips for the delicious treat of Mediterranean chips. Both Mediterranean and Original variety look like similar in color, the peculiar difference is its unique taste. Lemon hint. Love it. Mouthwatering chips.

Terra Chips have over 20 different varieties and flavors that are truly distinctive by nature.

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