Philips Lumileds has launched GoPure Car Air Purifier. It purifies air. No more pollutants in the air. Just like we use water purifier to drink clean and pure water, GoPure purifies air with Advanced AeraSense and VitaShield IPS technology. With Philips Air Purifiers “Healthier air, always”.


Today,  in many cars we see, air fresheners, but it’s about inhaling pure Oxygen and not polluted air, even if the air is scented with fresheners, right? We use water purifiers to purify water, in order to keep ourselves away from diseases, then why not inhale pure air? In India, pollution level is increasing. Tier II cities like Solapur, Aurangabad are among the most polluted cities of India. Many people suffer from dusty air allergies. Suffocation happens inside a car if there is no clean and fresh air.  At traffic signal, we open window glass and at the same time, people start their vehicles, which in turn allows smoke to enter in the car. Even after the AC is switched on, the smoke still remains inside the car. In other words, the traditional air conditioning system of cars doesn’t fully remove the invisible pollutants inside a car. Our nose is a natural filter to pollutants, but it just filters large particles like hairs. Many pollutants are micro particles which are invisible to eyes. Pollutants are harmful for lungs, it causes allergies. Take an example of cement particles from neighbor’s construction building. It’s not good for health na! According to research people inside cars are more exposed to pollution than pedestrians, because there is no flow of fresh air once the windows are closed. It really requires a device just like water purifier to clean the air inside the cars. Philips thought on this problem and has developed GoPure device.

According to WHO, Mumbai is the fifth most polluted mega city in the world. More than 85% of monitoring locations in Bengaluru have dangerously high pollution levels.


A new tech savyy product from Philips, GoPure is very easy to install. It cleans the air inside your car in just 15 minutes. It’s very effective. It’s a single piece of product and you can place it anywhere in the car. It helps in filtration of toxic gases. Tata-bye-bye to toxic shackles inside the car. And yes, if you use this device, you will never have to keep a cleaning towel inside your car, because there would be no dust anymore. It’s scientific device for a modern car and a modern you and your modern family. It just needs an Auto switch on and off along with the car ignition. It’s time to drive car in style and inhale pure air, pure Oxygen.

Install Philips GoPure automotive clean air system in your car and enjoy fresh and clean air. Philips GoPure is available on Amazon.

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