Kamaal Rashid Khan, widely known as KRK is one annoying name in Bollywood. It’s annoying because, it’s quite an irritation for many. Many Bollywood celebrities are unhappy with this self proclaimed number one critic of Bollywood films. He is of course number one critic, because he tweets witty, funny, weird, and many times abusive tweets tagging celebrities as well. When KRK thinks to annoy someone he succeeds in creating a controversy over the limelight of celebrities.
Recently, Ajay Devgn revealed a audio of KRK on public platform Twitter and YouTube. Where KRK mentioned he gets ₹2500000 from Karan Johar to promote his film. KRK then started taking Ajay Devgn’s and Karan Johar’s firki over the entire issue. KRK never cares a fig for anything, he is genuine and very very frank. He tweets from the heart and always wins the talkative battle on Twitter. Though many celebrities have openly challenged KRK it’s not good to talk bad about their film, some people even threaten him to stop talking bad mouth publicity of their films, but KRK is just KRK, he gives reviews on YouTube, shares it on Twitter Facebook and everywhere. Recently his Twitter handle got verified too, that shows his increased brand value.
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