I was tagged by Dixita to write this post. Yes, I want to take my blog to the next level.

The next big level in a reader’s point of view. People would love to visit my blog, appreciate my blog posts and give interesting feedback about my posts. But How? Simple Hain! Click it, Post it, Share It, Vine it, Spread it, Tweet it and just Win it. You like it? That’s it. But, I’m not happy. I don’t know what’s that alexa rank? Yes, some kinda blog quality measuring rank? Umm, well I gotta increase my alexa rank upwards! What I just know, is that, I wanna see the world, I wanna explore the world, I wanna capture the beauty of the world in my DSLR, I wanna Write a lot of things. I just want to create a number of videos. I just want to make an impression of my blog on readers. I want to live my ideas, my dreams, my to-do list and write them through my blog. I’m curious, how to become a world class blogger and that too just by a chance! I was never a professional blogger! I’m using most of the WordPress features to give my blog a professional look, besides I’m using a free version of WordPress. I’ve made use of Social Share plugins, my Twitter Timeline for live updates. Even I have booked my own domain name too. Yes, my very own website, it’s http://ShriBhivaskar.com Please visit my website. Well, well, well, it’s still under construction. I believe in photos and vines. I love my TwitGun. It fires twit bullets every single hour. I wish to make an archived blog post of all my tweet posts on various hash tags. Do you know is there any tool to convert these microblogs into an archive of a blogpost? Please answer in comments, this will help me convert more than 1 lakh tweets of mine, into a blog.

I now tag LeprchaunRabbit to write his take on the topic.
I want to take my blog to the next level with Blogchatter.