Sunday! Valentine’s Day in 2016. The day of love and a beginning of a new life. What a great day, chosen by HBO India to showcase the real Hollywood experience to fans like you me and us. The experience, the experience of Hollywood like never before. Yes, HBO had arranged a special screening of the 2015 Hollywood movie Mad Max Fury Road at the View Theater in Andheri (West) on Sunday, Valentine’s day, 2016. I got a chance to attend this screening as part of their Twitter Timeline Contest. It was world Television Premiere of “Mad Max Fury Road”.

The Krian The View Theater
HBO Balloons decorated at the entrance of The View by KRIAN in Andheri (West)

It was also an attempt by HBO to impress the real fans of hollywood with the all new avatar of HBO.


The all new logo of HBO- Home Box Office

Yes, you see, the all new avatar of HBO, these balloons and the colors. I liked this new change. When I entered the theater, it was all decorated with the colorful balloons, written HBO all over it and the big screens out there have all this HBO – Home Box Office – Experience Like Never Before, written. It was an impressive experience inside the Hall. I met my friends from the virtual world, having friendship of more than two years and meeting them for the first time, it was quite an exciting meetup. I got a chance to share a few words with the star social media influencers, and it was really like a family experience watching the film together in a posh theater of Andheri.

HBO – Home BOX Office, Experience Like Never Before






Mad Max is one exemplary Hollywood Movie. I hadn’t seen this movie before. It was first released in May, 2015. On February, 2016 it’s World Television Premiere. I liked the music score of this film. Yes, it’s composed by Junkie XL. Prior to him Hans Zimmer, John Powell and Marco Beltrami were working on its music score. And you can feel the music as Hans Zimmerman the composer of Pirates of the Caribbean has had a role on the theme of the music score. Lovely music of the MadMax. Quite, an exciting chase. The entire film is picturised on wheels. Yes, on moving vehicles, trucks and weird war vehicles. So much use of steel in the film. I liked this film. This film has got ten Academy Award nominations including Best Picture and Best Director. The concept of this film is fabulous. Visual effects are mindblowing.  All the best to the entire team of Mad Max ahead of the 88th Oscars.