Fighting against sexual violence is a most important thing. In this blogpost I’m going to add some light on why it is important and the reasons to Know Your Rights and fight against sexual violence. I found an interesting video on YouTube. It is observed that 99% of the women who face sexual violence never report it to the police. Also, majority of women even don’t know what’s an FIR and how to register it at a police station. It’s a fact. Amnesty International India has taken an initiative to educate women to know their basic rights. The basic question that arises is, do we know our basic rights? Do the women in modern India know their basic rights? #KnowYourRights is an initiative taken in association with the Police to educate women and our society against sexual violence and abuse.

I think below are the three reasons to encourage reporting against sexual violence:

  1. The primary reason for not reporting sexual violence seems to combine a type of guilt as well as embarrassment. It is also revealed in several studies, which implies that women remain in fear even after an assault against them.


2. The second reason is a fear to approach a police station. Yes, this seems to be a fact. Women don’t know how to register an FIR against sexual violence. Which police station to approach, which not, what things to avoid, several questions and you can see in the video, there are mixed answers when asked about an FIR.

3. Often woman is always blamed for the incident occurring in the first place. The thing is that women think, everybody will blame on them that, ‘what was she doing?’, ‘why did she go there?’, ‘Why did she went alone at the pub?’, and so many questions! Because of all these questions women prefer not to report it to the police. Hence, women should know their rights, basic rights! Check this link to Know Your Rights #KnowYourRights!

Know Your Rights : Increase reporting of sexual violence

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