In my opinion, below are the reasons, why it is important to encourage reporting of sexual violence:

  1. There should be a fear in people who have a tendency to commit crime, sexual violence and abuse. If someone doesn’t report the crime, the criminal will remain in a thought that #Chaltahai . Nobody will ask him that it was a crime, everyone will blame on the girl. This shouldn’t happen. Hence it is important to speak and raise the voice and encourage reporting of sexual violence and abuse.
  2. If you delay reporting, physical evidence may become unusable. Many times internal injuries are not readily apparent. So there won’t happen any prosecution and the criminal can roam openly on our streets. Reporting of crime is important as it can build a strongest case against the criminal. Reporting more cases will instill courage in ordinary citizen and fear in the high and mighty who take benefit of doubt due to the present weak sexual offence laws. Also, it is observed that people are often repeat offenders. More the cases get reported, stronger laws could be established to punish the criminals involved in sexual violence.
  3. Reporting of sexual crime insures more accurate statistics on the incidence of sexual violence and rape, which could prove an important tool in enacting or modifying rape laws and for developing prevention strategies. Laws are made on statistics and incidents happened before. We haven’t forgotten the brutal offence in Delhi case.

Amnesty International India’s ‘Know Your Rights’ programme educates people about filing an FIR against sexual violence using virtual reality, e-learning platforms, WhatsApp and a missed call service. This initiative of #KnowYourRights is really great. Find here more details about #KnowYourRights

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This video is really eye opener. Know Your Rights.

Sexual relationship without consent is actually a restriction on freedom and should be reported to avoid possible future assaults and crimes.


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