#ProtectHerHeart is really a very good initiative. I have taken the test and the results are very surprising. My BMI is below 25 which means, I’m a normal person with no heart related risks. How about taking this test with your partner?


10000 steps per day is considered healthy. A good walk plan helps you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol level, thus facilitating a healthy heart. Find here a balanced week wise walk plan. – See more at: #ProtectHerHeart Walk Plan

Health of the family is the ultimate wealth that you can have! You can talk your “Mann Ki Baat” with your wife getting more relaxed on a Sunday morning when you walk together.

Did you know, walking has innumerable health benefits, in the morning, you couples can go for a walk and achieve the health benefits that it offers. Start walking with your love, at least for 30 minutes everyday and see the difference as you move towards a fitter you! Walking can increase the love between you. You must secure your health and future!

If your partner loves going to Yoga classes, you can accompany her to the Yoga classes by walking. We loved running in the childhood, right? Amazing memories of the childhood. How about walk for the health? Walking just at least for 30 minutes? And that too, to care for her heart! Yeah, care for her and walk for health. Start walking the talk and get relaxed in the amazing and refreshing mornings. Also, the research says that, walking can reduce the risks for stroke, heart disease and depression. Nobody likes the unnecessary fat. Walking can significantly reduce body fat and lower body mass index numbers.

There are numerous health benefits of walking. Stay happy you lovely couples, care for her heart and start walking. Research says that couples who walk together, tend to have a more positive attitude toward physical activity and feel less lonely and isolated. Walking is absolutely a great stress reliever and it clears the brain. I recommend everyone reading my blog to care for her heart and stay romantic, walk together, and care for heart. Do the romance while walking and talking. Walking in the mornings is the new pleasure for the health of the family.

“I am joining the Saffolalife #ProtectHerHeart initiative and pledging my support to better heart health in Association with BlogAdda.”

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