Shopping goes social with Flipkart Ping. Flipkart Ping lets you go on an online shopping spree with your friends. Flipkart Ping also supports Android wearables where user can read and reply to messages from their Android watches. Flipkart Ping has been optimized for efficient results even on slow 2G networks. Flipkart bridges the gap between e-commerce and commerce one step at a time. It renders an interactive online shopping experience to users. the Ping feature is to Enable Social Shopping. Ping will let buyers connect with sellers, customer service and other stakeholders in the e-commerce chain. Ping in its current avatar Ping lets you chat with friends while shopping on Flipkart. If you invite a friend to Flipkart Ping, they will get SMS, if he/she doesn’t have the app, they will be asked to install the app. Ping service automatically adds your friends via your smartphone’s Phonebook. When You Use Flipkart Ping, You will also be able to share photos, wishlists, and the products in the cart with friends. The idea behind Flipkart Ping is to basically let you chat and discuss with your friends when shopping on the e-commerce site. Ping is the company’s idea of adding a social angle to the whole e-commerce shopping experience. Ping is essentially a social network built on top of the Flipkart app. The Ping is compatible with any smartphone running on Android 2.1 and above.