My lyrics for the India’s first crowdsourced Father’s Day song!  :

1: Dad is that power for my wallet, my dad is awesome, he is awesome. #MotoDadTunesLIVE

2: My wallet is never empty, my needs are always furnished fully, Oh my god, oh my dad, I love you dad #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

3: Oh my god, Oh my dad, you always give me a pat by putting money in that wallet #MotoDadTunesLIVE

4: Oh my dad, oh my dad, give me a pat give me a pat. I love my god, I love my dad. #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

5: He is calm, he is serious, he is genius, he is gem, he is the energy of the house, he is awesome. #MotoDadTunesLIVE

6: Oh my god, oh my dad, even the world says I’m not a child now, your love makes me behave like a kid again #MotoDadTunesLIVE

7: My daddy is cool, but I’m his son fool, he makes me always drool  he is my daddy cool  #MotoDadTunesLIVE

8: Yo daddy yo papa,my mistakes, why shouldn’t I call you a crazy stupid papa? Thank you dad, love you dad. #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

9: My dad is the best, My daddy is the best, who is awesome, yes yes yes, my dad is awesome. #MotoDadTunesLIVE

10: Yo daddy, yo papa, I’m never late to schools because of your superfast crazy bike charisma #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

11: Dad is not bad, his child is also not bad,dad n me-his child are never sad, because there is always a god #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

12: Oh my god, oh my dad, I’m maybe your crazy stupid son, but for me you’re always my hero shiny bright sun #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

13: Oh my god, Oh my dad, you’re that champ, because of which my mood is always ON. #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia

14: Yo daddy yo papa, I love to go to schools, because of the tiffin in which there is always my yummy food #MotoDadTunesLIVE @MotorolaIndia